About Us

Torpex CEO Introduction

Combat sports has always been an integral part of my life. Especially martial arts. At the age of 8 after watching Kung Fu films, I fell in love with Martial Arts. At a young age, it gave me the focus to be occupied and to improve my fitness. Martial Arts produces respect, confidence and the will to succeed. This gave me the opportunity to take time out to practice and teach the invaluable lessons that I learnt, to my students, friends and to my children, who are also been brought up in the martial arts at a tender age of 4. At Torpex we take a deep interest in the martial arts and combat sports. I understand whichever martial arts discipline you have chose, it’s as important to you as it is for me.

Every year brings new challenges. We at Torpex are always innovating and developing new products and adding more products to our existing range, which you will see in our fight store and on our website later this year. We are always improving and perfecting our internal procedures with our team as well as our website. I am extremely passionate about martial arts, boxing and MMA. We at Torpex hope you agree with our values and principle. As a martial artists for 30 years, it was my dream to open a martial arts shop/brand and give something completely unique to the UK Martial Arts industry and beyond.

It’s down to our family, great team and loyal customers, who have helped to make Torpex as the fastest growing martial arts and combat sports brand in the UK.

Master Afzal - CEO


The History of Torpex

After training in the martial arts for nearly 30 years, we turned our passion for martial arts into a full time obsession. Training, instructing, competing, coaching and aspiring martial arts wasn’t enough. It was from this passion and obsession, the concept of a physical combat sports store was opened in Derby, which could provide martial artists, boxers and MMA fighters with everything they require.

Through the hard work and determination of our family and fantastic team, who have wealth in knowledge in coaching and instructing experience, we are growing rapidly from a young mans dream to the fastest growing martial arts, boxing and MMA brand in the UK.

We are working with some of the best martial arts instructors and boxing coaches in the UK from Olympic fighters, world champions, gyms, sport clubs, community centres, schools, armed forces, local councils and many more.

We would like to thank our customers for their continued support. We, like our loyal customers, still teach, train, live, breath and love martial arts, boxing, MMA and combat sports.


Our Customers

Torpex is renowned as a family owned company. We offer a friendly approach when purchasing equipment, giving you the best advice with the utmost care. We strive to give you the best products you need. If we fall below your expectations, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our store in Derby.

Torpex Products

We know what should work and how it should work. We know that quality counts especially when you expect it most. All of our martial arts equipment is tried and tested and if needed, designs change to maximise their use.